The present project, called UTIs Brasileiras, aims to characterize the epidemiologic profile of Brazilian ICUs and share useful information to guide health policies and strategies to improve the care of critically ill patients in the country.

In addition, the project aims to encourage the use of quality indicators and performance in the management of Brazilian ICUs and thereby improve the quality of intensive care and increase patient safety in Brazil.

Similar initiatives in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, as part of the project “UCIs Ibero-americanas”, and in countries such as the United Kingdom (ICNARC), Australia and New Zealand (ANZICS-CORE), the Netherlands (NICE) and Belgium (MICA) are essential to improve the quality and safety of critically ill patients and are an important basis for projects that aim to improve the efficiency of the ICU and to promote clinical research.

| Certificates |

Certificate of Participation on the National Intensive Care Register

It will be granted to ICUs that contribute with their data to the National intensive care Register continuously and properly.

Certificate of Quality and Performance Indicators Management

It will be awarded to the ICU which manages its quality and performance indicators in line with the Collegiate Board Resolution No 7 of ANVISA (RDC-7) February 24, 2010, through Epimed Monitor General ICU system, contributing to improve quality in critical care medicine and patient safety in Brazil.

How to mention the project in communications and scientific publications

To mention the Brazilian ICUs project in its communications and scientific publications, use the text below:

Our ICUs have their technical results monitored by the Brazilian Intensive Medicine Association (AMIB) and the Pan American and Iberian Federation of Critical Medicine and Intensive Therapy (FEPIMCTI) in the project “UTIs Brasileiras” (